Sole Door Cooking Scholarship

Have you dreamed about becoming a chef? Do you have the necessary cooking skills or are passionate about new recipes and ingredients day by day? We may not be able to help you with your chef career but we do have something in store, just for you.

Sole Door dedicates itself to create an online platform of sharing the love for cooking. From international recipes to national cuisine art – you can find anything relevant in the field of cooking on this platform.

In order to create awareness and help our visitors eat healthier and promote a better lifestyle, we launch our yearly scholarship program for everyone who shares our passion and values.

How can you enter the program?

  • The program we provide is intended for all participants. Get your friends, colleagues, brothers or sisters to spread the word and join this incredible opportunity in an instance. You have nothing to lose but only to win, a lot of cash and prestige are in game.
  • Minors are welcome too, just make sure to ask for permission from your legal guardian or parents – you don’t want to end up winning a prize you cannot enjoy.
  • You are highly interested in anything related to the cuisine field and healthy cooking. We will choose a scholar who shares our passion and dedication towards making this country a better place and, above all, a healthier place through cooking lessons.
Sole Door Outdoor Cooking Scholarship

How exactly does it work?

We want your text! Send Sole Door your story between 1000 and 2000 words about cooking recipes or tips in which you emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and promote a healthy lifestyle through cooking.

Example: ​Best Charcoal Grill Reviews: Top 5 Picks That Exists Today

Keep in mind that your story must impress us enough so we are forced to give you the prize. We are looking for original and creative papers that strive with interest and burst with positive energy. Speak up and let us enjoy your inner voice!

Your essay should be send to before June 30, 2017 with:

  • Your complete personal data, including the name of your institution you are attending (high school, college or university).
  • Any proof that you are a registered student at that particular study institution.


Why would you be interested?

The lucky winner will be announced on July 30, 2017. The winning paper will receive a $500 award which will be sent to your college/ high school unit within a reasonable time.

Moreover, we are willing to offer you a paid internship for our platform in which you can contribute with your own thoughts and ideas to raise awareness amongst youngsters about the importance of a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and the joys of cooking.