How To Clean A Kitchen Sink And Make It Look Perfect

How to clean kitchen sink in the right way is more important than most homeowners believe. First of all, this will help you eliminate the risk of causing a bad odor. It will also make your entire kitchen look better and fresh. Here, you will get complete instructions on how to clean a kitchen sink.

Regular cleaning is also important due to the fact it protects you from the bacteria, germs and anything else that can have a negative effect on your health. I conducted laboratory analysis based on what can be present on the kitchen sink, and I cannot stress enough how important, regular cleaning is.

Keep in mind that all points here are simple and they don’t require special knowledge. I will also mention differences in cleaning for sinks made from different materials.

How To Clean Kitchen Sink

How To Clean A Kitchen Sink In The Right Way

Steps to follow to clean the kitchen sink:

1. Remove everything from the sink - This step is mandatory and the first that has to be performed. Make sure your sink is completely empty.

2. Mix lemon juice and baking soda - Mix these two ingredients and apply them to the surface. Leave them for 10 minutes of longer to remove hard stains and debris that cannot be removed in a conventional way. This step is also important for removing the bacteria and germs.

3. Wash the entire sink, including the faucet - Always use soap, cleaning detergent and a soft cloth, paired with warm water in order to clean the sink as soon as possible. Once completed, use warm water and cloth to remove all stains and signs of soap.

4. Pour hot water in the drain - By doing this, you will eliminate the risk of bad odor coming from the sink. Always perform this step once you have cleaned the sink.

5. Maintain your garbage disposal unit properly - Here you will have to do a few things. First and foremost, always run the water into the drain a few seconds before you use a garbage disposal unit. Once you are done, run the water again. This will remove the grease and debris from the blades.

Manually clean the garbage disposal unit if needed. Disassembly it, clean it and then put it all back.

A useful trick here and the one I always recommend is using the ice made from lemon juice. Just add it to the garbage disposal and then run the unit. This will clean the blades and the rest of the mechanism.

Cut the fresh lemons into smaller pieces and adding them to the garbage disposal is useful as well, but it has a lower effect.

6. Sterilize the drain - Another point that is mandatory for your safety. Mix ½ cups of the lemon juice and baking soda, as I have mentioned earlier. Pour it into the drain. Then, add ¼ cup of white vinegar. This step will sanitize the drain, also eliminating the risk of bad odor and killing the bacteria.

7. Use SOS pad - All homeowners with the stainless steel sinks should use this step. Use soap and an SOS pad in order to clean the sink, ounce all previous steps have been completed. By doing this, you will get back the factory shine of the sink.

8. Gently cleaning - I tried cleaning several sinks while applying the brutal force. All what I got was fatigue and poor results. As such, I advise you to clean the sink gently, while performing circular moves.

9. Regular maintenance and cleaning - This may be one of the main points here. Each sink requires regular maintenance or better said daily cleaning. Avoiding it won’t do you any good.

10. Remove the rust - In some cases, rust will be a huge issue with your sink. It cannot be removed by conventional methods, so you will have to be smarter. Use WD-40 spray to remove it.

On my test, even the smallest amounts of rust have caused severe complications. The worst part is the fact they will spread, eventually corroding and destroying the sink.

Additional tips and warnings to follow

Some warnings can come in handy to you. They are useful in order to reduce the time, needed for you to clean the sink but to boost the results.

I have tested, confirmed and chosen only the most important tips and warnings that will certainly help you.

  • Avoid grease - Grease will cool down and then it will clog the drain. This has a catastrophic effect on the sink health. If you have a garbage disposal unit, pouring grease into the drain will cause this device to malfunction.
  • Pay attention when you use lemon juice - It is useful, but if it stays on a surface longer than 10 minutes, it can damage it. Make sure you always clean it before this time frame.
  • Precaution regarding the white vinegar and baking soda - I mentioned that you can use baking soda and vinegar in order to clean the sink. The main goal here is to pour them in the precise moment. Make sure they don’t mix before you put them down the drain.
  • Use toothbrushes - Toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning sinks. They are small, flexible and they can be used for hard-to-reach places.
  • Cleaning porcelain sinks - Stainless steel sinks are the most common, but they are not the only ones people use. Porcelain models are common as well. In order to clean them, you should use the step below. Use paper towels in order to cover the entire sink. Then, apply bleach on them and leave them like that for half an hour. Then, remove them and clean the surface. The brand-new shine is guaranteed.
  • Use perforated mat made from plastics - If you have just bought a new sink, protecting it will be needed. The best thing here is the perforated sink mats. They are made from plastic and they will protect the sink from scratches and lighter damages.
  • Avoid scouring powders - Maybe they offer the quickest results, but they are not very good for the condition of the sink. I recommend you to use dish detergent in order to get the same result, but avoid damages.
  • Clean each time you cook - Just because you are tired from cooking, it doesn’t mean your sink should stay dirty. After you are done the cooking, make sure you clean it. This is the fastest and the best tip that can also save a lot of time.

The final word

Now you have a complete guide and all the tips you are going to need in order to make your sink look perfect. The main things to remember is to clean it on a regular basis and to use all of these points. This is the ultimate knowledge you need to know about how to clean a kitchen sink.

The next best thing is the fact by cleaning a sink on a regular basis, the risk of bacteria and germs will be literally eliminated. Your kitchen will also look better than ever and you will enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

The last but still important is the fact the bad odor won’t be present in your kitchen, and I all know how problematic this issue is.

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