Best Pole Saw Reviews: Pick Your New One For The Year

Pole saws aren’t something you may need, they are a necessity, which also made them a highly popular nowadays. Of course, in this case, due to the complexity of this tool, you are going to need the best pole saw.

Unless you are proficient when it comes to pole saws, make sure you take your time and pay attention to the features and mandatory price/value ratio.

Greenworks 8-Inch 40V let you be able to cut branches up to 15 feet above you. Still, the best part of this product is the dimensions and the price. It is a very cheap model, with a decent level of quality.

Black and Decker LPP120 can reach branches up to 14 feet above your head. It is battery powered, so it doesn’t require a power source, obviously. A battery can withstand up to 100 cuts per a single charge, making this model an interesting alternative.

The price/value ratio is decent as well. It is an affordable model with a 2 years warranty and the quality is certainly matching the price.

Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner is definitely sawed different product than those I have mentioned earlier. It is a hand-operated saw, but it is based on the latest generation of tree pruners, so it brings some advantages. For example, it has a high cutting power and a system that transfers your movement into the cutting.

The price isn’t as low as you may imagine, and despite the fact you get a lifetime warranty, this product is expensive. On the other hand, it is a perfect choice for minor applications.

Oregon PS250 is a masterpiece, but it is an expensive masterpiece! It is very expensive, but for your money, you will get the ultimate product of this type. The best part is the design itself. It is made to be lightweight and practical to use.

A battery is powerful as well and it is durable with a high capacity of 40V. In order to understand how important, powerful the battery is, you should know that per a single charging, it can be used for 325 cutting applications. Additional: I personally prefer this manufacturer, due impressive quality and advanced features their models usually have.

Sun Joe SWJ807E is a great value for money. It is a modern piece of engineering, simple and affordable. I liked the 8 amp electric motor it has and paired with Oregon guide bar, using this product is simple and effective.

It can reach branches up to 15 feet above your head and it is adjustable. Besides the great value for money, you get 2 years warranty and it has been CSA approved.

Remington RM25PS Maverick is more advanced than all aforementioned models and it can be used in professional applications.

It is the best gas pole saw in this price range and it comes with useful additions. This model can be used for operations up to 12 feet above your head and it has a 25 cc engine. It is economical, modern and a low-maintenance unit. Still, it is powerful and can be used for more demanding operations.

Best Pole Saw Reviews and Comparisons 2018

In general, this is a very good pole saw and a cordless saw. Remember that you get the product with battery and charger (there is an option without them) so I can say it is a bargain. Other features you should be aware of include 40V electric motor and a 8 inch guide bar. Both of them are important for professional and semi-professional applications. An interesting fact is that this model has the most powerful electric motor in the class.

BEST POLE SAW - Greenworks 8-Inch 40V REVIEW

Read the instructions first. After buying it, I have to install the bar and chain lube in by myself. So go to the hardware store and buy some oil. And refill the tank after having a cutting session.

When this pole saw is exteneded, it's heavier than I thought. The pole itself is adjustable (between 11 and 14 feet, depends on your height) and it is a sturdy element, making this an interesting alternative. In addition, you will also get a high level of grip, located on the part of a pole you will be holding it. 

The extension can be removed is a good thing but it's better if it's a variable telescoping extension.

Add the fact this is a very affordable model with a great quality and you will get the best pole saw.

I personally like the chain on this model. It is a heavy-duty element that allows you to use the saw for everyday applications. Paired with the great electric motor, this can be an interesting electric saw as well. Good for cutting high branches (I cut limbs up to 4" in diameter about more than half an hour, but the best one I cut is 8" !!!).

What I like

  • Extension can be removed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Battery life is good.
  • Less noise, no smell.
  • Recharge time is minimal.

What I don't like

  • Heavy when extended.
  • Battery is hard to remove.

This is the latest product, made by a well-known manufacturer and it comes with a lot of interesting features and a great level of quality. It is fully adjustable, so it can reach branches between 10 and 14 feet above your head. In addition, the pole itself is beautifully made and it is easy to adjust the length of it.

BEST CORDLESS POLE SAW - Black and Decker LPP120 Review

The battery, however, is even better, due to a specific reason. It is a Lithium-ion generation battery, with a capacity of 20V. Thanks to this benefit, it is more durable and supports quicker charging than older Ni-Cad batteries. With a single charging, you can cut up to 100 branches (up to 6 inches diameter). Hard to believe this power.

Battery life is not the problem if you're not going to cut much. And if you want, just go and find a 3rd party replacement battery (5Ah is the best) for longer cutting time.

The guide bar itself is 10 inches long. Despite the powerful battery, the entire pole saw weighs no more than 6.5 pounds. About the bar, they should use metal instead of plastic because I worry about the wear and melt and its lifespan. But it could be more expensive and heavier.

This pole saw doesn't have an automatic oiler. The saw on pole can not be rotated so in some angles, it could be a little bit challenging to cut.

This is a wise investment simply because you get a 2 years warranty and the unwritten fact, it has been made by a world-known manufacturer. The product is also energy star rated and it comes with a corresponding charger.

Separate facts I should mention is the compact design. It allows you to easily cut small branches (best for 3" or 4" in diameter) and is good for occasional use. There is an option without battery for this.

Best cordless pole saw ever.

What I like

  • Really powerful for a using-battery saw.
  • Work well for small to medium branches.
  • The pole is fully extendable and it will stay stable in all conditions.
  • Around 100 cuts per a single charging.
  • Easy to use (even for female).

What I don't like

  • Very low cutting diameter.
  • No auto oiling feature.
  • Plastic bar.
  • Take a while for charging.

This is a simple model that can be used for different operations. A useful addition are a few features it has. They make it more advanced than the equivalent model. The first one is power-lever technology. It maximizes the cutting power with using a simple transferring method. As the result, you will be able to cut larger branches easily and with less effort. I will add the fact it is not extremely lightweight as I thought, so using it the entire day won’t cause hand fatigue is not what I'm goning to say.

BEST TREE PRUNER - Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner Review

The blade itself is probably the best and the most important part of this pole saw. It is a Wood Zig blade, making it very durable and practical. It is extremely sharp as well.

But the blade is also too flexible. That makes it costs more time to cut high branches (maybe because I cut in some different angles). If Fiskars makes it with a thicker one, it will be more rigidity. I can handle it myself but maybe not for some people because the weight will be heavier.

The cord. It annoys me. Could be better if they have something to keep the string. Make sure it does not get tangled while using.

All of this means that cutting is less time-consuming and it is better than the old one and other models of this kind have to offer. Remember that it is durable and flexible at the same time.

The dimensions are 88 x 8 x 3 inches and it is extendable as well. The main application for this model is cutting pruners, but thanks to the aforementioned blade, it can be used for minor branches. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The best manual pole saw on the market.

What I like

  • Power-lever technology.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wood Zig blade is very durable and sharp.
  • Extendable pole.
  • Easy to setup.
  • The extension locks well.

What I don't like

  • Sometimes hard to control when fully extended.
  • Need a stronger material for the string.
  • Cord is less flexible.
  • Power depends on your strength.

The first two things you should know about this model is that it is expensive and it is a professional unit, so in some cases, the price can be justified. It is also an advanced model, offering a lot of features and possibilities. The first one is the mid-mounted electric motor. The main advantage of this feature is the balance. Simply said, this is a well-balanced pole saw, with great capabilities.

The planetary gear reduction transmission is the latest innovation. It makes the entire product better and more efficient in cutting applications. The secret is in the transferring power. There are no loss between the motor and the blade, therefore cutting is quicker and simpler.


Correspondingly, to the price, the battery is well-made and it is a 40V unit, making all types of applications better and quicker as well. With just one charging it will allow you to cut more than 300 times, far more than equivalent models have to offer.

When cutting limbs in some angles, the chain comes off. So I have to tighten the chain myself. But it's quickly to fix. If you cut limbs which are overhead, you should try with 60 degree angle and don't push it too hard.

A pole is another advantage of this model. I said advantage simply because it isn’t the same as other models have. For example, it is oval and it is made from fiberglass. It is extendable and it has certain upgrades that reduce the vibrations and the noise. An additional benefit of this pole is its ergonomic design, which makes using less energy-consuming and simpler in the lack of a better word.

It's a great choice for a lot of work. But be careful, it's heavy. If you prefer a lightweight and just want to prune a few branches, you should go for a pole saw which is cheaper and safer.

With all features it provides, this is the best battery powered pole saw.

What I like

  • Great battery. Charges quickly.
  • 325 cuts per a single battery charging.
  • The pole is made from fiberglass and it reduces the vibrations, but increases the maneuverability.
  • Transmission system.

What I don't like

  • Pricey.
  • The chain is easy to bind.
  • Heavy.
  • Instructions need to be clearer.

The model in question is the best electric pole saw right now and it is thanks to a perfect balance between the features and the quality. It's the newest model of Sun Joe 800 seriest. Of course, the price is satisfactory as well.

The first thing you should know is that there is a guide bar is 8 inches long and it is designed and made by Oregon, which can be treated as an advantage. In addition, it has a self-lubricating system that makes it way better and makes the entire pole saw easier to use. A pole is extendable and it can reach branches up to 15 feet high. At the same time, it is simple to use it and requires no maintenance.


Inspite of 10' bar, SWJ807E is not hard to carry at all. Even female can handle it easily. But it requires some strength when fully extended.

It is powered by a 8 amp electric motor which is sufficient for all applications. The company said it can cut through 7.5 inches logs and branches but the best I do is up to 9" limb. This model performs best for under 6".

I hate the cord. It's short and limited. Actually, that's not a problem if we buy additional cord. But it annoys me because look like I have a tail behind my back... And plastic. It is a cheap pole saw so it's no doubt about that. Although it's a reason make SWJ807E more lightweight.

One of the additional reasons why this is the best model is its chainsaw can be detached. You can use head of the pole saw standalone like a chainsaw.

It has a 2 years warranty covering the entire product and it doesn’t have a negative effect on the price. Keep in mind that it is CSA approved and it comes with a simple and useful manual.

The bottom line is that this is a great value for money and it is a great choice if you are looking for a product of this type for operations in your backyard. All pole saw reviews of this model are positive, which is another thing that must be mentioned.

It's the best electric pole saw out there and the cheapest one.

What I like

  • 2 tools in 1.
  • Great and durable pole.
  • Head can be adjustable.
  • Cheap.
  • Saw is sharp.
  • Self-oiling system.
  • Understanding customer service.

What I don't like

  • Short cord.
  • Need to adjust the blade carefully.
  • The cover of motor is plastic.

This is the only gas powered pole saw on the list and it is different than all other models. RM25PS is the 2018 version of Remington RM2599 Maverick.

The best thing about it is the engine itself. It is lightweight, but with 25 cc it is powerful and can provide enough power for different applications. I must add that the engine is the latest generation unit, requiring very little of maintenance and it is economical.

BEST GAS POLE SAW - Remington RM25PS Maverick Review

An additional self-oiling system is very convenient and practical. It is also something that reduces the amount of maintenance this unit requires. Paired with a pole, you can reach branches up to 14 feet high.

A must be mentioned benefit are the attachments. There are several of them and all of them can make this model more than just useful. You can transfer it into a blower, hedge trimmer and etc. It is definitely a useful addition that makes the entire model more professional and better. Although, making all of these adjustments and using all the attachments may be a bit complicated.

The dimensions are 38 x 10.75 x 12 inches and it weighs 19 pounds, so it's a bit heavier than I prefer. The bottom line is that you will get a professional, gas-powered pole saw with a great engine and a high durability features. It is one of those products that you can simply use for anything you like.

Rank #1 for best gas pole saw.

What I like

  • 25 cc gas-powered motor.
  • Auto-oiling feature.
  • Additional attachments.
  • Cheap for a gas pole saw.

What I don't like

  • The engine need to be more powerful.
  • Motor is not easy to start.
  • Expensive spare parts.

How To Choose The Best One

Before you even start considering a new pole saw, it is impeccable to decide do you want a corded, cordless, manual or a gas powered pole saw. Choose the one which is comfortable for you and make you safe. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks, so let's start mentioning them.

Corded pole saw must be close to a power source. It means that you will have to use additional power cables if you are planning to use them far away from your home. Positive sides include no maintenance, you don’t have to recharge a battery and they are extremely durable. At the same time, they won't stop operating when you need them the most.

Cordless pole saws are more practical. They can be used in different locations and you don’t have to use power cables. The latest models, I mentioned here are more than just efficient and they are easy to use. Similar to the corded units, they don’t require any maintenance at all. The only drawback they have is the time you will have to wait until the battery is fully charged.

Manual pole saws literally have no maintenance at all and they can last a lifetime. Still, they are slow to use and they are time-consuming. Nevertheless, for minor applications, they are the best choice.

Gas powered pole saws are more advanced models. They can be used for heavy-duty applications and they are durable. Yes, they require some amount of maintenance, but they can be used where there is no electricity and they are much faster than all aforementioned types.

Note: The latest models are fuel efficient and they feature a high-quality.

Features To Look For


Maybe sounds like a well-known fact, but the weight is the primary factor when looking for new pole saw. After all, you are going to hold it in your hands for the entire day, so low weight is definitely a better choice. A secret is to find a model that features a high quality, but it is still lightweight.


No matter for what applications you are going to use your pole saw, you are going to need power (unless you use manual models) therefore a power of gas or electric motor are important for the strength and the time needed to complete a job. That’s why gas powered units are preferable in this case. They have a much faster RPM and torque. Simply said, they can be used for more advanced and more complicated applications.


This is definitely a unique feature to pole saws. You need to get a well-balanced unit, simply because it will make your job simpler. Maneuverability will be on a higher level and longer usages are going to be possible. The latest models have mid-placed engines/motors and their poles are constructed in a different way.


Some pole saws can be transferred into other tools. For example, you can get a hedge trimmer, an ordinary chain saw or many other tools. If you are planning to use your tool for different applications, this is a mandatory feature to consider.

Guide Bar Length

This feature is important simply because it makes a pole saw more practical and more useful. In general, a longer guide bar makes a pole saw better and more convenient. You will be able to use it for thicker branches and for more demanding operations.

The Bottom Line

BEST POLE SAW - Greenworks 8-Inch 40V REVIEW

When it comes to the pole saws, the Greenworks 8-Inch 40V is the best pole saw on the market for the money right now.

I don't choose gas powered because it's too noisy, the smell, smoke. I hate them. And I need something better than a pruner, and more convenient than an electric pole saw with cord.  And the price must be AFFORDABLE (lower than $200 for me), not for a high-end class because you know the money to mantain for its expensive parts.

Greenworks 8-Inch 40V is practical, modern and based on the latest technology. It also has the most powerful electric motor, so it is perfect for more demanding and complicated operations. The quality and the price are satisfactory as well.

By the way, before using it, I recommend you to do things:

- Charge the battery first.

- The plate of chain adjustment maybe loose so check & tighten it.

- Of course, bring some oils to lube the chain. No need auto oiling. Do it manually is better for myself.

All other models are very good and they can be treated as the best in their own class. That's why I choose different types of pole saw for this buying guide.

They have made a lot of owners happy, simply because they offer features, latest designs and the functionality these units require. I will add the fact all of them are tested and trusted models, so you will get what you see. Also, there are no poor-quality units here, meaning that each one can last for a long time and all that with a low maintenance.

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